Greetings! I’m Dane.

I’m fascinated by people who do things “differently”. If I could have a beer with any character from any book/movie, it might be Slartibartfast from Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In the quirky sci-fi, he designs planets. But his passion is coastlines.

A few things I admire about the character:

  1. He cares about his craft and is willing to invest the effort to master the details.

  2. He fights established conventions and is eager to try new things.

  3. He cares more about “being happy than being right”.

  4. He is a solopreneur.

As someone who has predominantly written software for a living, I don’t have any reason to care about the intricacies of coastline design. But I’d love to feed off Slarti’s excitement and geek out on the topic.

That’s the essence of why I’m writing this newsletter. I want to learn things from people with life experiences I can’t relate to.

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I founded multiple startups with one exit, led product at HackerNoon, joined Techstars in 2015, and served in the Marine Corps.